More and more people are complaining about nutritional problems. There are tons of theories about what they are caused in the media. Many of them are mutually exclusive. Once we hear that we should switch to vegetarianism, another time that meat is essential in the diet of every human being. Every now and then new diets are promoted, which are supposed to make us healthy – and these are adapted to the blood type, and also to other factors. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all diet. Only doing allergy tests or all kinds of intolerances will not help us, because the most common cause of our food problems does not lie in allergies, but in inadequate nutrition.
So what to eat to feed our body with the best fuel possible? For over a decade, this topic has been broken down into prime factors by the health coach Angie Pajak, recognized and appreciated in Poland and abroad. In her opinion, only if we follow our instincts and genetic predispositions, we have a chance to stay healthy and use our potential to the maximum. And what does it boil down to in practice? First of all, to determine your metabolic type and eat accordingly.
To find out your Metabolic IQ, all you need to do is solve a simple test that will assess our general predisposition and assign us to one of the types of metabolism, each of which is characterized by a different tolerance to specific foods. Basically, there are three main types of metabolism: carbohydrate, mixed and protein – explains Angie in her multimedia e-book “Metabolic IQ. Your code to Health ”. Anyone who reaches for it will be able to solve an interactive test that will allow them to determine their metabolic type, recognize their metabolic IQ, as well as implement the MIQ protocol and find out what eating habits should be introduced and which should be eliminated from their lives.
The MIQ-compliant nutrition style will eliminate the constant feeling of hunger and the constant search for sweet snacks once and for all. You will forget about overeating, frequent spikes in sugar levels, a feeling of heaviness, and even insomnia. Headaches, depression, and nervousness will become rare episodes or unpleasant memories. You will feel that you have energy and desire because what you eat will be efficiently converted into energy and not into stores of unwanted body fat. By eating according to your metabolic type, you can easily maintain the figure you dream about, without backbreaking workouts, starvation, monodiet or following nutritional trends that temporarily improve your appearance, deprive you of the will to live. Your immune system will start working at high speed, you will be more tough / physically tough, and resilient / mentally resilient. You will forget about the ailments that have plagued you for years. Why? Because nutrition in accordance with MIQ meets the natural needs of your body, and thus enhances its best side, says Angie Pajak.
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