AQUAcell Company GM, MetropolicIQ Protocol Creator, COSMO HEALTH LTD CEO/owner Health Coach, GreenTECH & Wellness Expert, Member of Emirates Green Building Council, lecturer, creator and editor of the popular portal, propagator of a healthy lifestyle, The Author of such bestsellers as: Metabolic IQ -your code to health”, “Your health diary,” “Shopping IQ – smart shopping.” Publicist known from press articles, interviews, TV and radio programs. In last two years, she recorded over 20 broadcast episodes for Polish radio in Chicago about the environment and sustainable actions, well buildings and green architecture.

Together with Dr Grażyna Pająk, for last 15 years they have been consistently building health empire. In April 2018 she received a prestigious award from Paris in the category of Holistic Beauty Awards for passion to acquire knowledge in the field of dietetics and a healthy lifestyle and commitment to modern media education and promotion of pro-health issues.

For last 13 years have been working for AQUA cell Company building awareness of importance of environmental issues. Since 2013 she became the GM of the company building strong relationships with Green Councils worldwide as the expert in green technologies and innovations that she implements with her TEAM in Europe and for last three years in the Middle East and Africa.

Has led workshops for Dubai Real Estate Institute on the Sustainable Solutions in city development. Currently, AQUA cell strongly cooperates with The Sustainable City Dubai and SEE INSTITUTE running pilot projects in the community; furthermore with DEWA, Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi, On greening London, Green Building Council Italia and UNESCO by supporting clean up campaigns to raise awareness and give light to problems such as plastic pollution and sustainable waste management.

Innovative projects in implementation are UFO – Unique Floating Object design to rebuild the oceans, AIR atmosphere intelligent restore system and living water – drinking water with a huge environmental impact and strong sustainable ID.

She has created Metropolic IQ Protocol – SUSTAIN TM City System which has been implemented in several companies to improve internal environment in the building, increase the comfort and productivity of employees, andreduce the maintenance costs of buildings, as well as reduce the environmental footprint of a building on a micro and macro scale.

In recent years, she was a guest of many government summits in the Middle East and Africa, where she held talks with the Uganda Government on the preservation of the Lake Victoria.

Constantly involved in projects aimed at redefining urban tissue and implementing the latest possible solutions in real estate sector.

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