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1. For breakfast, no matter what time I eat it:
A - I eat something light - a soft-boiled egg, pancakes, granola with fruit, millet or oatmeal, I like to drink something warm
B - I eat a sandwich richly stuffed with lettuce and ham, scrambled eggs in butter or sometimes a smoothie
C - I eat something specific, e.g. well done scrambled eggs with grilled bacon, toast with Parma ham, hot sausages, and sometimes only a double espresso or raw mango slices on the run
2. What meals do you prefer:
A - I do not like overeating, I prefer to feed others, I choose light dishes, e.g. lean chicken breast, pasta, vege salad, soup, and often a starter as a full meal, I will not refuse a light dessert
B - Something between A and C; dishes not too fatty but also not too lean, after a heavy meal I will gladly eat something sweet to improve digestion
C - I often choose one but real meal like a steak, burger with French fries, pork chop, pork knuckle, baked potatoes, fatty fish; if the salad it would be with olive oil or spicy dressing; if I choose a dessert, it's rather cheesecake, although I prefer to eat it separately
3. What climate do you feel best in?
A - I feel great when it is warm and sunny, I tolerate high temperatures well, I like sunbathing, I hate cold, my feet and hands often get cold
B - I feel well both in hot and cold weather
C - I feel much better on cold days, I hate hot weather, if I am beaching, I only do it actively or willingly relaxing in the bar
4. What about coffee drinking:
A - A cup of coffee makes me feel great; I need it for a proper wake up; I prefer cappuccino or cafe latte
B - In fact coffee does not have a major impact on me, if I drink it I do it to socialize or because I like its taste and smell
C - I like to drink strong black coffee, espresso is my favorite, but if I drink too much of coffe it does not have a positive effect on me, it makes my intestines work faster or my heart beats too fast
5. What is your appetite in the morning when you wake up?:
A - In the morning I like to drink orange juice and to have croissant, with coffee preferably with milk or its vege substitute
B - I have an average appetite without going crazy either way
C - If I had a protein-rich dinner late, I drink strong coffee in the morning and eat breakfast at lunchtime, otherwise I think about eating as soon as I wake up
6. What is your appetite level at noon:
A - I often replace my lunch with sweets, and at work I go for it to socialize
B - I like a good meal in the middle of the day, but not too heavy to keep me full of energy
C - I like to eat a protein meal, after which I feel light and good, the flour dishes make me sleepy
7. What is your appetite level in the evening:
A - I don't eat after 7 p.m. if so, it is something light, fruit or sweets
B - I like a real meal with lots of veggies
C - It is the most important meal of the day for me, I like to eat a heavy meal in the evening in the company of other people, then I sleep well
8. Are you prone to coughing, hawking or grunting:
C - I often feel the need to cough or hawk, without having a cold
9. When looking for a quick snack during the day, you most often reach for:
A - Sweet fruit, power balls, sweets, fluffy bread, carrots cut into sticks
B - I am happy to mix salty snacks with a sweet taste, I am most happy with vegetables
C - I definitely choose salty taste, mature cheese, peanuts, pickled cucumbers, crisps, popcorn, dried meat
Do you like desserts?:
A - I love sweets in any form and quantity, because I am not getting fat, it is often beyond my control
B - Sometimes i like to eat dessert but I’m not a big fan of them
C - If I have to eat dessert I will choose Tiramisu or fat cheesecake preferably before the meal, although I prefer Herring and pickled cucumber
11. How do you imagine an ideal lunch (1 PM to 3 PM):
A - I like to eat pasta or a salad with lean meat with a predominance of vegetables, or a cream soup with bread
B - Actually, I don't have any particular preferences, as long as the food is fresh and tasty
C - I prefer a real meal rich in protein and vegetables, as long as I haven't had breakfast at 12:00 PM; I would also like to eat an omelette or a gyros once being on holiday
12. What is the colour of your auricles ?:
A - My ears are lighter, paler than my face
B - My ears and my face are of the same colour
C - My ears are darker, redder than my face
What meals do you eat during the day ?
A - Two or three meals, with no snacks
B - At least three meals, but I don’t need snacks
C - Three or more meals, additionally some snacks in between
14. Do you feel wet eyes and nasal mucosa ?:
A – On the contrary, my eyes and throat dry up, I try to always have water with me
B - The moisture level is normal
C - It happens to me that my pillow is full of saliva
15. What's your attitude to fat?
A – The thought of fat makes me sick
B - I cannot imagine bread without butter, I like fat but without exaggeration
C - I really like fat, I feel good after it, dry meals stuck in my throat
16. How do you feel after a light fruit salad with a little bit of low fat natural yoghurt?
A – It is a great meal for me, it keeps me full until the dinner time
B - It is not the peak of my dreams, it satisfies me temporarily, then I have a runny nose
C - I don't eat such things, I feel bad after fruit salads, especially based on low fat dairy products
17. What is your reaction to mosquito and insect bites ?:
A – It's hard to say these days, but as a rule nothing happens to me
B - It itches a bit
C - It itches a lot, the skin reacts strongly with redness and swelling, the mark is visible on the body for a long time
18. Are your eyes itchy a lot ?:
C - My eyes are so frequently itchy / often after a meal or after waking up, on a bicycle (symptoms are not the result of bacterial infections, allergies, mycosis - if you suffer from unexplained itching of the eyes, especially paranasal corners – mark C (if the question does not apply to you, leave it unanswered)
19. Do you like potatoes ?:
A – I don't really like them, if I have to choose I would go for overcooked, mashed or dumplings
B - I can have them but I don’t need to
C - I love potatoes, I can eat them all the time, especially baked or French fries, as long as they are not overcooked
20. How do you feel after having eaten red meat?:
A – I don't eat red meat, it makes me feel heavy or depressed
B - I eat it from time to time, but when I eat it too often or in excess I feel dry
C - Perfect, I love red meat, I feel great after it
21. How much saliva do you produce?
A – Not too much, I have a feeling of chronic dry mouth
B - Rather average amounts
C - I drool a lot at night, and the thought of eating often makes me overproduce
22. Do you like vegetarian meals?
A – They are perfect, they make me feel very well
B - As an emergency, for I while I can do with such meals
C - For me they are completely unacceptable, except for good humus accompanied by high-quality fat
23. Eating a meal just before going to bed:
A – I have a feeling of full stomach, it causes problems with falling asleep, or after a while I wake up from my first sleep and cannot sleep
B - I have not noticed any negative effect unless I eat too much
C - It's the basis, it helps me, I have to eat something in the evening to sleep well and not wake up at night
24. What about having a cup of orange juice on an empty stomach?
A – Wonderful, I find it a healthy and tasty drink, especially for breakfast
B - Why not, although I don't like it that much, moments later after drinking it, I feel sick
C - I clearly feel bad after drinking it I clearly feel bad after drinking it; afterwards I have heartburn, hyperacidity, unpleasant sensations, it makes me irritated, even furious
25. How do you react to a fast that lasts several hours ? :
A - 4 - 5 hours without food is not a problem for me
B - I can handle it without a problem, although sometimes I would snack something
C - It’s not for me, I stand long breaks between meals very badly I can't function without eating regularly
26. Irritation, although we rarely realize it, is an emotional state determined by metabolism. When I am irritated ?:
A - If I’m upset eating meat or fatty food makes it even worse
B - Sometimes eating calms my anger and it doesn't matter what I ate
C - Anger and irritation subside when I eat meat or something rich in good fats, protein-rich food makes me feel better and calms me down
27. Anxiety, what kind of food helps you to deal with it ?
A - Eating fruit or vegetables calms me down
B - Eating anything calms me down
C - Vegetables and sweet fruit increase my irritation and anxiety
28. Heavy chest
C - If you feel that your chest is heavy, as if you have breathing difficulty - select C (if the question does not apply to you, leave it unanswered)
29. What food weakens your concentration?
A - Meat and high fat food
B - It seems to me that no food type impacts my concentration
C - Fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates contained in cereal products
30. Cracking skin
C - If your skin is cracking without any particular reason, usually on your fingertips, feet or heels - select C (if the question does not apply to you, leave it unanswered)
31. Have you noticed any problems with dandruff ?
C – Yes, I struggle with scaly epidermis - if so, select C. - (if the question does not apply to you, leave it unanswered)
32. What is your face skin complexion?
A - Definitely pale
B - Medium
C - Definitely darker or high-coloured
33. What is your face skin type ?
A - More mat and chalky
B - Average
C - Radiant, luminous, bright
34. What are your natural nails like ?
A - My nails are thick, strong and hard
B - They seem to be average
C - My nails are definitely soft or weak
35. Do you have a vomiting reflex ?
A - I hardly ever face retching, it is difficult to trigger this in me
B - It seems that my inclination in this reflex is average
C - It is very easy to trigger this reflex in me
36. Does your skin itchy a lot ?
C - Some people have constant problems with itchy skin of their scalp, arms, calves, back - as a result they are scratching all the time - if you face such problems - select C (if the question does not apply to you, leave it unanswered)
37. What are your meal portions ?
A - Definitely smaller than of the others
B - I think I eat no less or more than the others
C - My portions are definitely larger than of the others and I love second helpings
38. What is your personality ?
A - I keep a distance, I am definitely a solitary type or an introvert
B - I think that I am quite average
C - I am the life and soul of the party or an extrovert, I love people
39. How does your body react to red meat ?:
A - I digest it for a long time, it lowers my condition and well-being
B - I have not noticed any particular reaction
C - I feel good and even better after eating red meat, I am at full strength in my mind and body
40. What is the size of your pupil ?
A - The diameter of my pupil is larger than my iris
B - My pupil and my iris are of similar size
C - My pupils are smaller than my iris
41. How often do you sneeze ?
A - Almost never
B - From time to time, even while not having a cold
C - On regular basis, especially after a meal
42. How do you react to sweets?
A - I feel happy, they usually satisfy my hunger, and they don’t cause any adverse reactions
B - Sometimes sweets don’t make me feel too well, they often do not satisfy my hunger
C - If I eat only sweets I mostly don’t feel well, they provoke various adverse reactions, additionally they make me continuously crave for tchem; they wake me up for a while and then I am totally exhausted or nauseous
43. How do you react to sour food ?
A - I don’t really like sour food
B - I like it but without exaggeration
C - I love sour ingredients, I often need them
44. What makes you put on weight faster ?
A - Excess of meet and high fat dishes make me put on weight
B - Disregarding the food type, I put on weight if I have too much food and too little movement
C - I put on weight if I eat too much bread, and other high gluten products and carbohydrates
45. What is your best meal for a diner ?
A - Something light e.g. chicken breast without skin, rice, salad, light dessert
B - Most dishes are suitable for me
C - I feel much better if the meal is substantial, e.g. steak, potatoes, fired cabbage or some salad with olive oil dressing
46. Which symptoms are the most typical for you ?
A - Constipation, I often have goose bumps, high blood pressure, increased heart rate
B - I often get heartburn or bloating
C - Frequent bowel movements, low blood pressure
47. How often do you have cereal products ?
A - I’m often craving for a biscuit, cake, sweet bun or ice-cream
B - If they are around, I sometimes pick some of them, but not necessarily
C - I prefer bacon, dill pickled cucumbers, dry sausage ; I can do with salty bread sticks or crackers, but later I don’t feel well
48. My hands are often:
A - cold and wet
B - normal
C - warm and dry
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