Just as character, spirit and personality, everyone’s metabolism has its individual features; even though we might be able to feed everyone with pretty much the same things, we surely cannot NOURISH everyone with the same things – and that is an enormous difference.
Most of us know our blood group, and even if we don’t – all it takes is to draw a blood sample and we can learn everything. But what about our metabolism?

We often undergo multiple allergy, food allergy tests and tests diagnosing various intolerances – but when an organism is powered by inappropriate fuel, it starts to react violently to nearly every factor. And that’s how one bite of food might result in a few diversified symptoms, because for us – that is for our wellbeing – it is what how much we have eaten that matters. Meanwhile, for our organism it is any, even trace amount of an “intruder”, being any detrimental substance, in our blood.
Though it might seem that something is healthy or trendy, our immune system, as long as it works properly, has its own set of rules: it does not count calories or take a glance at a watch to check whether it is already 6 pm. Even if we cleanse our body of harmful substances, chemical agents and other toxins found in products will be pretty much the same to our internal defence system that a red rag is to a bull. Unfortunately, globalisation does not consider the factors ruled by nature itself.

Nowadays, we have intelligent cars, houses, computers, phones, credit cards and bank accounts – but we tend to forget about the intelligence of our internal mechanisms whose knowledge may significantly facilitate our lives. Cooperation with one’s own metabolic IQ might help us avoid numerous ailments typical for big city dwellers, people living “on the go” or those constantly pursuing business trips, and forced to eat in a hurry in catering establishments. If we know which products we should choose, we have a chance of eliminating flatulence, constipation, heartburn, stomach disorders, problems with our complexions, leg pain or itchy skin. It’s so easy that it seems unbelievable – yet somehow it is true.


Commonly accepted tactics won’t work for everybody. Foods that are difficult to digest are unsuitable for the carbohydrate metabolic type, who is a slow burner. Such a person, having eaten a sophisticated Argentine steak, will most likely feel sluggish and melancholic; in extreme cases, a slightly depressed mood might occur. That person should avoid heavy, purine-high proteins and fats. In the case of the protein metabolic type, seemingly easily digestible foods are the real culprits; these may include sweet salads. Such food deprives that person of energy, concentration, they might even provoke aggressive behaviours. The protein type burns carbohydrates so fast that ingesting them without protein or fats causes constant spikes in blood sugar levels and everlasting hunger.

It might seem ridiculous or trivial; however, we are not aware what kind of threat inappropriate nutrition poses to our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Ingesting meals incompatible with our metabolic intelligence might influence the quality of our work, effectiveness when it comes to daily duties, concentration, social life, even our relationships.
All that it takes to learn your metabolic IQ is to take a simple test, which will estimate your general predispositions and ascribe you to one of the metabolic types; each of these is characterised by different tolerance to particular products. Basically, there are three metabolic types: carbohydrate, mixed and protein.
The majority of variations occur within the mixed type; according to one’s personal determinants it might be more linked to carbohydrates or proteins. Bear in mind, however, that even if you have the carbohydrate type of metabolism, it does not mean that in terms of reaction to food, strength, weakness, energy level or appetite and other characteristics, you are exactly the same as any other person with such metabolism type. Each of us is unique, also in terms of the individual metabolic type.
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