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1. For breakfast:

A – I can do without breakfast or have something very light, e.g.: fruit, cereals, and yoghurt
B – My preferred menu: eggs, toasts, some fruit
C – I mostly have something substantial: eggs and bacon, a few frankfurters, high fat sausages or meat

2. What meals do you prefer:

A – I prefer lighter dishes, such as: chicken breast, turkey, light fish, salads, vegetables, light desserts
B – Something between A and C
C – I prefer robust dishes, such as pig knuckle, roast beef, baked potatoes, some vegetables, possibly a piece of a good cheesecake as a dessert

3. What is your preferred climate:

A –I love the heat, I feel great on hot weather days, I hate the cold
B – I feel well both in hot and cold weather
C – I definitely feel better on cold weather days

4. What about coffee drinking:

A – a cup of coffee makes me feel great; I need it for a proper wake up
B – in fact coffee does not have a major impact on me, I drink it because of the nice taste and the smell
C – coffee is not good for me, it makes me feel shaky and unwell, with my heart pounding, I don’t like coffee - or I like it, but it makes me feel not well

5. What is your appetite level at breakfast time:

A – I’m not really hungry or not hungry at all, at times I forget to have breakfast
B – My appetite level is normal
C – I can’t wait to have breakfast, I’m getting up to have something to eat

6. What is your appetite level at noon:

A – I’m not really hungry
B – My appetite level is normal
C – I’m really hungry

7. What is your appetite level in the evening:

A – I’m not really hungry
B – My appetite level is normal
C – I’m really hungry

8. Are you prone to coughing, hawking or grunting:

I often feel the need to cough or hawk, without having a cold - If you face such problems - select C

9. While snacking during the day you chose:

A - vegetables, ripe fruit, sweet buns, white bread, sweets, fruit jellies
B – I can nibble on anything of the other two groups
C – salty, fatty snacks, hard cheese, meat, potato crisps, sour snacks, dill pickled cucumbers

10. Do you take dessert:

A – I love sweets and I often need to finish a meal with something sweet
B – I have some desserts from time to time, but I don’t really care for them too much
C – my favourite “sweets” are herring and dill pickled cucumber

11. How do you imagine an ideal lunch:

A – something light: chicken breast, some groats, some delicate salad
B – in fact, I have no special preferences
C – I prefer substantial lunch, e.g. pork chop, baked potatoes, stewed cabbage

12. What is the colour of your auricles:

A – my ears are lighter, paler than my face
B – my ears and my face are of the same colour
C – my ears are darker, redder than my face

13. How many meals a day do you have:

A – two or three meals, with no snacks
B – at least three meals, but I don’t need snacks
C – three or more meals, additionally some snacks in between

14. Do you get wet eyes and running nose:

A – my eyes rarely water and my nose is not wet
B – the moisture level is normal
C – my eyes water quite often, my nose mucosa is often wet without a reason

15. What about a high fat meal:

A – I hate greasy meals
B – I like it, but not too much
C – I love such meals, especially if they include meat, if I knew that they are healthy for me, I would have them often without any remorse

16. How do you feel upon a lunch consisting of a light fruit with a drop of cottage cheese or low fat yogurt dressing?

A – it is a fine meal, it keeps me full until the dinner time
B – it satisfies me for a moment, but then I will be hungry again
C – it is for me just a snack; usually it makes me hungry, irritated and immediately searching for proper food

17. What is your reaction to mosquito bites:

A – nothing happens
B – they itch a bit
C – the itching is intensive, the skin is getting red and swollen

18. Do your eyes get itchy:

If you suffer from inexplicable eye itching, especially in the inner corners (except for bacterial infections, allergies or fungal infection) - select C

19. What about potatoes:

A – I don’t like them too much
B – I can have them but I don’t need to
C – I love potatoes, I can have them all the time

20. How do you feel once you have eaten red meat?:

A – eating beef, pork or lamb makes me feel unwell
B – it doesn’t matter at all
C – perfect, I love such food because it makes me feel better

21. How much saliva do you produce?

A – I feel that my mouth is always dry
B – normal level
C – I often react in salivating, even a though of food provokes it, I have the habit of frequent swallowing

22. Do you like vegetarian meals?

A – they are perfect, they make me feel very well
B – as an emergency, for I while I can do with such meals
C – they are for me totally unacceptable

23. When you have a meal just before going to bed:

A – I find it difficult to get to sleep, or I wake up and can’t sleep any more
B – I haven’t noticed any negative impact, unless I have too much
C – it is helpful, I need to eat something in the evening to be able to sleep well and not to get awake at night

24. What about having a cup of orange juice on an empty stomach?

A – I think it is a very healthy and tasty drink, especially for breakfast
B – why not, even though it is not my favourite
C – once I drink it I feel definitely unwell, with heartburn, hyperacidity and unpleasant sensations, it makes me irritated, even furious

25. A few hours without food:

A – 4 - 5 hours without food is not a problem for me
B – I can stand it without a problem, but sometimes I’m getting hungry
C – it is nothing for me, I can’t stand long breaks between meals, I can’t function without regular food

26. Irritation, even though we are rarely aware of this, is an emotional condition often determined by the metabolism.

A – if I’m upset eating meat or fatty food makes it even worse
B – at times food calms my anger down, disregarding what I eat
C – my anger and irritation is over once I eat meat or something fatty, heavy dishes make me feel better and calm me down

27. Anxiety

A – eating fruit or vegetables calms me down
B - eating anything calms me down
C – vegetables and sweet fruit increase my irritation and anxiety

28. Heavy chest

If you feel that your chest is heavy, as if you have breathing difficulty - select C

29. What food deteriorates your concentration?

A – meat and high fat food
B – it seems to me that no food type impacts my concentration
C - fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates contained in cereal products

30. Cracking skin

If your skin is cracking without any particular reason, usually on your fingertips, feet or heels - select C

31. Dandruff

i.e. peeling off scalp skin; if you face such problems - select C

32. What is your face skin complexion?

A – definitely pale
B - medium
C – definitely darker or high-coloured

33. What is your face skin condition?

A – more mat and chalky
B - average
C - fair, radiant and clean

34. What are your nails like?

A – my nails are thick, strong and hard
B – they seem to be average
C – my nails are definitely soft or weak

35. Retching

A – I hardly ever face retching, it is difficult to trigger this in me
B – it seems that my inclination in this reflex is average
C – it is very easy to trigger this reflex in me

36. Itchy skin

Some people have constant problems with itchy skin of their scalp, arms, calves, back – as a result they are scratching all the time - if you face such problems - select C

37. What are your meal portions?

A – definitely smaller than of the others
B – I think I eat no less or more than the others
C – my portions are definitely larger than of the others and I love second helpings

38. What is your personality?

A – I keep a distance, I am definitely a solitary type or an introvert
B – I think that I am quite average
C – I am the life and soul of the party or an extrovert, I love people

39. Red meat

A – decreases my condition and makes me feel worse
B – I have not noticed any particular reaction
C – I feel well, in fact much better once I have some red meat

40. What is the size of your pupil?

A – the diameter of my pupil is larger than my iris
B – my pupil and my iris are of similar size
C - my pupils are smaller than my iris

41. How often do you sneeze?

A – almost never
B - from time to time, even while not having a cold
C – on regular basis, especially after a meal

42. How do you react to sweets?

A – they usually satisfy my hunger, and they don’t cause any adverse reactions
B – sometimes sweets don’t make me feel too well, they often do not satisfy my hunger
C – if I eat only sweets I mostly don’t feel well, they provoke various adverse reactions, additionally they make me continuously crave for them

43. How do you react to sour food?

A – I don’t really like sour food
B – it does not matter
C – I love sour ingredients, I often need them

44. What makes you put on weight faster?

A – excess of meet and high fat dishes make me put on weight
B – disregarding the food type, I put on weight if I have too much food and too little movement
C – I put on weight if I eat too much bread, and other high gluten products and carbohydrates

45. What is your best menu for a warm diner?

A – something light e.g. chicken breast without skin, rice, salad, light dessert
B – most dishes are suitable for me
C – I feel much better if the meal is substantial, e.g. steak, potatoes, fired cabbage or some salad with olive oil dressing

46. Which symptoms are the most typical for you?

A – I often have goose pimples, my blood pressure is high and my heart is pounding fast
B – I’m somewhere in between
C – I hardly ever have goose pimples, my blood pressure is low, my heart beat is slowed down

47. How often do you have cereal products?

A – I’m often craving for a biscuit, cake, sweet bun or ice-cream
B – if they are around, I sometimes pick some of them, but not necessarily
C – I prefer bacon, dill pickled cucumbers, a kabanos (dry sausage), I can do with salty bread sticks or crackers, but later I don’t feel well

48. My hands are often:

A – cold and wet
B – normal
C – warm and dry

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